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you were meant for me

You were meant for me Before life ever came to be There was a plan for you and me

Before there were moments in time You were destined to be mine Before they were miracles in dreams or even fantasy There was a story for you and me

Before mortal and immortality Our love had possibility Long before the question why There was a flame burning for you and I

Before fairy tales, a time before Jack and Jill, before Romeo and Juliet Before they were memories and thoughts to forget Before hearts craved forever love There was a place just for us that hearts still dream of

My love before dinosaurs walked this earth and birds began to fly There was a time for you and I Before rivers flowed into the ocean and Columbus sailed the seas You were meant for me

Before God made man and raindrops ever touched a tender face There was a love meant just for us held in a secret place

My love before thunder roared in lightning flashed across the blue sky Destiny was placing that twinkle in your eye

The time before poets put pen to paper, before Hamlet and Shakespeare There was the essence of your smile and it lingered here Before music was placed with words to create the sweetest love song Before rhyme or reason and right or wrong

Our love had a home Before sunrise or sunset ever came to be My love you were made for me

Before trees grew tall and mountains stood high There was a love for you and I

Lady, before second claims minutes and hours came to be There was a time set by chance because you were meant for me

Now the world is here and people exist and there is destiny I will love you until time stands still and there is no eternity Because you were made for me

So after time goes and the earth is gone with no memories to forget The echoes of fate was still whisper how Dionne loves Yvette So my love after all is gone no books, no tales or lingering history There will still be a presence of love infinity A love that was truly destined to be Because you were meant for me

- SS Dionne -


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