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2020, the year of miracles

This will be a year of love

The year of change and hope

The year of “Our Children”

The year of Miracles...

Happy New Year Everyone!

An old year is out, over and done

So as we join together in unity, a fresh start has been given to you and me

Hope and dreams is what I see

A new time, a new start

A chance to search our hearts

We watch the old year quickly slip away

As we cherish the memories of yesterday

But did we learn from the heartaches?

How to bring forth a better day!

A year of history yet to be made...

A year filled with sunshine and clouds destined to fade

Oh but there is a miracle in store for this New Year

If we as a people fight to bring it here

Remember we have an obligation, a dedication

To ourselves and to the children, our future generation

Today let us start fresh and new

Let us vow to do whatever we must do

To make this year the year of our children

Let’s fight harder to help them hold on to the innocence they have within

My world, we must make this the year for every child

Because we like the year 2019 are here for a short while

This is their moment, their time

We must help the star in them shine

The miracle is here, it came in fast

It is bringing us hope at last

Obama called it “The audacity of Hope” because he could clearly see

Anything is possible when you simply believe

So the miracle is here, it arrived with fate

Giving us just enough time to deliberate

Like the Titanic we’re going down into the oceans of despair

I can assure you, no life is there

A solution to the problems, my answers are bright

It’s simple, we need to speak out for what is right

Oh I pray you all see the Miracle that arrived today

And that it somehow shows you there is a better way

Please allow it to spare us pain

To bring us sunshine instead of rain

So let it show us our purpose, our duty, our new goal

To spread this strong message to the young and old

There is a miracle in store for you, for me, for this nation

This year is about changing our destination

The choice is ours it’s all up to you

The miracle is here, it is ours, so what will we do?

Celebrate, rejoice and give thanks because through miracles we endured and survived a troubled year

It is at our darkest hour you see the sunrise, a new sunset in 2020 is here

So let’s move forward with open minds and hearts as this year begins

Allowing all miracles to flow in..

I promise you’ll find this one day to be true

That Miracles can happen, but you must believe they really do!


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