Fighter for social justice.

People connector.

Unfiltered. Unapologetic.

Dionne is a true inspiration to me. The way she fights for social justice and knows how to connect people from all walks of life is amazing. It has my huge respect that she gives her unfiltered opinion in a sincere way and it's always from the heart. Keep it going my friend!

Marianne Cooper-van der Veen

Writer, reporter, poet and copy editor all-in-one

This hour-long expression session channels all the various passions and interests of its charming creator-host and turns them into compelling conversations and opportunities to serve others! Expect “I’m Just Saying,” helmed by the ever-engaging podcast host Dionne Johnson, to range in coverage from what’s happening in the halls of power and prestige to the best-reviewed shows on TV and movies in theaters. Dionne can’t wait to deliver the latest in health and wellness news, effective parenting strategies, what’s going on in LGBTQ circles, area events to put on your planning calendar and so much more – enough to assure that for her audience, “I’m Just Saying” is simply smart listening!


Sheena Lester

Journalist, former editor-in-chief of Rap Pages and XXL magazines

Even though you are not a singer, you have a very powerful voice. Keep using it the way that you are using it!
Jazz and Blues Legend Ms Barbara Morrison